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Courageous Cat™ and Minute Mouse

Created by Bob Kane (Batman) for Trans-Artists Productions.
Executive Producer - Sam Singer.
Producers - Marvin Woodward, Reuben Timmons
Director - Sid Marcus.
Voices - Dallas McKinnon.

Note - Bob McFadden is credited with the voices to Courageous Cat™ in three seperate reference books, which is untrue according to Mr. McFadden. I recently discovered that the voices were done by Dallas McKinnon (Gumby), who later went on to do the voice of Filmation's Archie.
A Telefeatures Release.
Originally syndicated in 1960.

Courageous Cat<small>™</small> and Minute Mouse

Courageous Cat™ and Minute Mouse paired the unlikely duo in the battle against evil-dooers. The team of masked superheroes was created by Bob Kane as a parody of his earlier creation, Batman.

The parody was very obvious. Courageous Cat™, based in the Cat Cave, received his orders from the Police Chief of Empire City, who happened to be a dog. The crime-fighting duo traveled around in the Catmobile and carried around a multi-purpose Catgun. The Catgun fired just about everything, except bullets. The duo's foes included Rodney Rodent, Shoo Shoo Fly, Professor Shaggy Dog, The Black Cat, Harry Gorilla, Iron Shark, Professor Noodle Stroodle and The Frog, a cigar-chomping amphibian who spoke in the gangster style of Edward G. Robinson.


"The Case of Cousin Outrageous", "The Case of The Abandoned Movie Sets", "The Case of The Auto Tycoons", "The Case of The Backward Clock", "The Case of The Bank Robbery", "The Case of The Big Ball Game", "The Case of The Big Movie Star", "The Case of The Big Party", "The Case of The Big Pipe Line", "The Case of The Big Race", "The Case of The Big Squeeze", "The Case of The Monster Vine", "The Case of The Robot", "The Case of The Draggy Dragster", "The Case of The Fortune Teller", "The Case of The TV Mystery", "The Case of The Crime Kits", "The Case of The King-Size Caper", "The Case of The Big Trial", "The Case of The Blinking Planet", "The Case of The Boxing Champ", "The Case of The Carnival Capers", "The Case of The Cat Cave Treasure", "The Case of The Construction Caper", "The Case of The Counterfeiters", "The Case of The Creatures From Down Under", "The Case of The Crime Lab", "The Case of The Diamond Smugglers", "The Case of The Embassy Stake Out", "The Case of The Fabulous Diamond", "The Case of The Flying Eye", "The Case of The Flying Saucer", "The Case of The Frogmen", "The Case of The Fugitive at Large", "The Case of The Gasoline War", "The Case of The Golden Statue", "The Case of The Great Circus Mystery", "The Case of The Gun Mixup", "The Case of The Haunted House", "The Case of The Hermit of Creepy Hollow", "The Case of The Invisible Robbers", "The Case of The Iron Shark", "The Case of The Mad Cowboys", "The Case of The Mad Painter", "The Case of The Mad Scientist", "The Case of The Magic Wand", "The Case of The Mail Train Robbery", "The Case of The Masked Raiders", "The Case of The Minced Spys", "The Case of The Mind Reader", "The Case of The Missing Masterpiece", "The Case of The Missing Partner", "The Case of The Mysterious Submarine", "The Case of The Mysterious Weather", "The Case of The Nine Lives", "The Case of The Northwoods Caper", "The Case of The Opera Singer", "The Case of The Peace Pipe", "The Case of The Perfect Alibi", "The Case of The Professor's Machine", "The Case of The Rescue Squad", "The Case of The Robber Rabbit", "The Case of The Saggin' Dragon", "The Case of The Scheming Cleaners", "The Case of The Secret Weapon", "The Case of The Shoo Shoo Fly", "The Case of The Sniffer Machine", "The Case of The Spies' Return", "The Case of The Stolen Cheese", "The Case of The Stolen Pyramid", "The Case of The TV Director", "The Case of The Thinking Cap", "The Case of The Trampoline Performers", "The Case of The Undercover Agents", "The Case of The Unmentionables", "The Case of The Unthinkables", "The Case of The Visiting Patient", "The Case of The Waterfront Caper", "The Case of The Museum", "Disguise the Limit", "Monster From Outer Space", and "The Return of The Shoo Shoo Fly".

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Bob Kane, creator of "Batman, Cool McCool and Courageous Cat™", dies at 83

(10/24/15 - 11/3/98)

Kane died Tuesday, November 3, 1998 of undisclosed causes at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center at age 83.

Sam Singer, producer of Courageous Cat™ and Minute Mouse, dies at 88

(1912 - 2001)

Singer passed away on January 25, 2001, at the age of 88. 

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Courageous Cat™ and Minute Mouse

Trans-Artists Productions/Bob Kane (syndicated) 1960

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